Your Questions re: Crypto Wallets, Pair Trading, Tesla Model Y, Ichimoku Cloud & More

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  1. Draw a ray from the top of the candle wick 14th dec to the top of the candle wick 14th jan and see how were still respecting that trend line to this day…….use magnet tool to perfectly get those top wicks…..I think this tells us alot about when BTC will get up to it's next local high.

  2. Teslas are sold to rich countries. But the majority of the world will not spend 55k to buy a car. Especially in our lives where the economy is crap and the cost of living is so high. Why nobody mention this? For the majority of the people worldwide 55k are a lot of money

  3. Hi James and the IA team! Thanks for everything that you do for us! I have a question regarding the layer out model that I have recently bought. Where would you set the anchor point if I have been DCA'ing for a while to see where the model suggests layering out? Cheers!

  4. In the long time… BTC and other crypto will become an alternative investment instrument and it could be that in the next generation it will be the best.

    Hopefully we can all make maximum profit after the halving

  5. Stay humble and stack sats. But what does this actually mean?

    1. Bitcoin only. Never buy shitcoins.
    2. HODL only. Never trade.
    3. Never chase yield on your Bitcoin. YOU are the yield…
    4. Never leave your Bitcoin on an exchange. If you do you actually own ZERO Bitcoin. You only have an I.O.U on paper.
    5. Never lend out your Bitcoin for a return.
    6. Never day trade or swing trade your Bitcoin. You will get REKT 95% of the time.
    7. Use your Bitcoin in a privacy preserving way (coinjoin, never reuse a BTC address, never keep your private keys on an internet connected device etc.)
    8. Never sign up for investment newsletters. You then become the product for someone else.
    9. Never tell anyone about your Bitcoin custody method and how much you have.
    10. Spend your Bitcoin at local merchants whenever possible.
    11. Be charitable to those in need and think about how you can help tbr developing world through Bitcoin.
    12. Don't check the price of Bitcoin ever. Stack sats at regular intervals and be price agnostic.
    13. Take a low time preference approach to everything you do, just like how you stack sats!
    14. Buy as much Bitcoin as you can in a Non-KYC fashion (Bisq, HODL HODL, Robosats, Peach Bitcoin, in person purchases etc).
    15. Support people building Bitcoin only businesses.

    Stay humble and stack sats….

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