You Should NEVER use Leveraged Bitcoin Trading – Here’s Why

This video will cover why using leverage to buy bitcoin isn’t always a good idea – especially if you’re a new trader! Leverage isn’t always bad, but all investors …


  1. Can you get into actual debt with leverage trading? By actual debt I mean the kind where creditors bang down your door. Like if you had $5k in crypto portfolio, can you end up owe-ing $10k or even $200k and end up having to sell your home? OR is it just like the exchange won't let you get in that position and you can only ever lose up to the value of your $5k portfolio.

  2. The best part of trading is that at anytime we can advanced our skills both in technical and fundamental technicality. I have invested Mr Robert Anderson with up to 18000 USD in a period of 1 month and I have advanced to a very high level of technicality.

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