You Can GET RICH With This SECRET 1-Minute Scalping Trading Strategy !

A secret 1-minute scalping trading strategy is explained in this video which is very accurate and highly profitable. This 1 minute …


  1. This is misleading as you are showing examples on a full chart with future candles and indicators shown. If you backtest correctly you will see that the RSI line is delayed by up to 5 candles. Therefore you won't know if the RSI line is above 50 or above the MA line until a number of candles following the appearance of the SAR dot.

  2. bro how come I traded on Bybit yesterday for the second time I shorted bitcoin in Derivatives with usdt when I was closing position by market had around 60 usd profit in green and after checking in orders I am – 15 usd on red wtf what I am doing wrong ?

  3. I’m interested in taking these rules and putting them into Chat GPT to see what kind of success I can get from it writing a script for me to use in TradingView. Thank you, my friend!

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