XRP (Ripple) has been on a clear downtrend since the Flare/Spark token pump but it looks like a consolidation is near from XRP.


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  2. Hey mate I'm new to crypto until I came across your channel. I just wanted to know do you have any suggestions on a portfolio tracker? Thanks in advance! Keep up the good work mate

  3. Hi Jason, Im new to crypto and holding small parcel of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano has been recommended to me my a friend. What are your thoughts ?? Also do I really need a Ledger Nano X type of wallet or is an iPhone app ok?? So much mixed information out there. I am on Swyftx and operate in AUD. Any thoughts on a better exchange. Look forward to all your info. Cheers

  4. Hi Jason, I just stumbled upon your Channel and am glad I did. Quick question, Bitcoin is all time high so I think it's bubble which may burst anytime soon. But how about Ether, Tron, EOS, Litecoin. Which one you think has a stong backing to go up in 2021. Love from India and A Merry Christmas…!!!

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