WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange Widget Fee Tutorial

This video walks you through how to collect fees on your WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange, by creating a Totle Partner Contract and adding it to your custom …


  1. Hi Alon, I tried to download the plugin but this message appears on the screen……………….As of 08.24.2021 we no longer support the WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange Plugin

  2. Thanks so much for your plugin! It working very fine and it's also so clean and smooth to set up.
    We are building a decentralized rewards platform & community and we are so glad to had the chance to easily implement an exchange tool like this one, since it wasn't our main goal but it is so helpful inside an ethereum/erc20 based platform!

    We are still under development and the platform is open to beta testers. We'll not fail to credit you along with others who directly or indirectly helped us to improve our project.

    Thanks again for your true passion for crypto and technology, it leaks out so much even in a simple plug-in like that!

    Come visit our (still under development) platform when you want at https://digissues.co

  3. I followed all directions and when it gets down to registering on TOTLE, my contract disappears from the console. I have been trying to find support but the link is down and doesn't tell me how to access the vanished contract. I took onscreen photos throughout so I can send them on request.

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