Why You Shouldn't Buy Cryptocurrency – Stupid “Investment”

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are inherently volatile and risky investments. They fluctuate substantially and are more like gambling …


  1. now it is dumb, I wasted the spot of a lifetime not buying, and then dumping crypto. I will never be a millionaire likely now. I could have turned 5k into 3.5 million investing in Ethereum when I had 20k savings. Bitcoin had already showed us bubble or not in 2017 that Crypto would do well for years and if I had listened to myself that Etherium is better than Bitcoin, in transfers etc. The 2nd leading crypto was Etherium at only $17 a coin. It was $2500 2-3 years later. I was telling others to buy on Facebook and I missed out just spending a bit not buying to hold.

  2. bitcoin is the only blockchain. other so called crypto currencies are not blockchain or currency because they're not decentralized. a blockchain must be decentralized, immutable and censoship resistant. otherwise, it's not a blockchain, it's a database.

  3. The chances of an investment in Google Tesla Apple or Meta increasing 400 percent from prices today are far greater than Bitcoin increasing 400 percent to reach it's former value. When you include dividends and stock splits of these real companies then Bitcoin is just a bad investment if it can even be called an investment.

  4. A casino lol that's a terrible comparison because the owner sets the rules unless the player already had insider bet knowledge the player loses their money with no 2nd chances unless they cam back with more cash to lose that at the time too with crypto you can lose money wait then gain

  5. Isn’t that’s the hope with stocks investing? Hoping that someone else will buy at a higher price and same with real estate? Just a thought

  6. We have been on a recession since the beginning of 2022, but big media and governments all over the world didn’t want to admit it. We need to be wise and use our brains. Knowledge is power and I’d like all the family to be powerful! I trade and hold profits, FLOYD JOHNSON has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio to 9.5 BTC lately….

  7. If you only buy what Bitcoin you can afford to forget about for 4 years and keep it off exchanges without using leverage, you will have never gone wrong to date.

  8. WHAT HAPPEND ? I sow a video you did time ago about gold ,silver and crypto and you claimed cripto its best then phisical gold or silver.😁 changed your mind?

  9. I live in Canada too and have made way more money investing in crypto than in any other investment. It takes time to learn the market, cycles and patterns. The fact that you say gambling is better than investing in crypto is the most ignorant thing I heard all week. If you are up for a friendly competition, you spend $1000 on casinos over the next two years and I will spend $1000 investing in crypto over the next 2 years and lets see you did better.

  10. At the time that stocks and bonds tank at the same time for the first time in history while Crypto disappears from your computer screen, gold holds. Soon enough people will connect the dots. Real estate will slowly or quickly go back to its historical self as a depreciable property. If you want to own bitcoin badly go with GBTC. You're getting it at half the price at current valuation while taking counter party risk, of course. At least Michael Saylor appears to be an adult. One last thing, gold is a currency so you don't pay capital gains tax.

  11. Wow, do your research before making this video. FTX is like the ponzi scheme bank that have been stealing from us for years now. This inflation caused by this greedy govt, which is a also hidden tax, and they are stealing from us. Lots of crypto have a use case. People should do their research before investing. Look at the dot come bust. They said same thing about amazon and google was a ponzi scheme and look where they are now. Do the research on the utility digital assets and diversify.

  12. The SEC just failed altogether, there was already a 1994 law that could have stopped SBF. Look it up in the law. Regulation wouldn't have stopped this, only the SEC could have, but they didn't.

  13. My suggestion is that the government is staying out of the crypto regulation business on purpose. By doing so, it allows the crypto world to self-destruct. Odd how on the same day FTX was exposed, the US Treasury introduced their pilot CBDC program amongst a few select banks.

  14. Must be getting closer to the bottom if a person I trust for their opinion on mortgage lending and have followed for years is giving me crypto trading advice after the market has already corrected 75-90%. Next I'll ask a cab driver or family member what their thoughts are. Once everyone is fearful it's likely the bottom is here.

    Relatives of mine were rejoicing after a massive appraisal on their house 10 months ago. I had a bad feeling that was the top. Bottoms of markets are typically the opposite.

    Let's wait and see. Keep up the great content.

  15. As someone that been in crypto for a long time, you buy when there is fear and everybody leaving the market and you sell when trust is back and bull start, you can't go wrong with Bitcoin, Ethereum and hex but you should buying in the bottom which we are close to it and sell the top and never use exchangers only if you want send to your bank right away and never leave your coins on an exchange, having a cold wallet to store crypto is the way to go

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