Why You Should Not Invest in Cryptocurrency in Retirement!

This video discusses the question, should a retiree invest in Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin …


  1. What most fail to realize is the effects debasement has on the dollar. Inflation @ 7% means purchasing power of $1million in 2030 is $520k. Federal debt @ $30trillion & unfunded liabilities @ $163trillion guarantees inflation will be anything but transitory.

  2. I am reminded of the Dutch tulip mania centuries ago. The trick to making money from one of these things is to jump into it when it's still brand new. Invest in it before most others have even heard of it. Maybe it will take off like a rocket, or maybe it will simply crash and burn. The other trick (if it does well enough) is knowing when to bail out, and to sell whatever it is for a big profit. Better to bail out a year too early than a day too late. But remember the saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." If you happen to have a few spare bucks to play with, then go ahead. Just don't bet everything you have on whatever it is. You'll probably put money on several losers before one of them becomes a winner.

  3. Depends on how much money one has… is it volatile? Yes Have put 10% of my long term investible money yes …am I up 53% ?
    Yes, So listen to this gentleman if your sitting on enough money to last you 8 years and you want to leave a legacy…otherwise, take a flyer
    Did I at the beginning?No..did I when went pear shaped? Yes …am I up a few hundred thousand US $ ? Yep..
    The only advice I may have is put what you can live without into it…or half…dip your toe

  4. "Crack THE code." See, there's the rub. It's a game as Mr. Schmidt kindly reminds us and we do not have the advantage.
    Perhaps too early but I no longer play the market. I've been very successful in Cali homeownership. I may get property taxed right out of my retirement ideation. No indicators here but hanging on for Mr Toads wild economic ride🧐

  5. So many tulip comments. Mostly from people that believe 30 seconds is enough of a time investment to understand this new asset class. Mocking is fun but earning 4% in other assets in a currency that depreciates at least twice that rate is what created the need for currency not manipulated by central banks. Mock or ignore if you will but it may only hurt yourself in the end.

  6. I don't disagree with you here, but realistically, people don't understand the stock market or mutual funds either. They think they do, but they don't really understand it as well as a mutual fund manager does, nor as well as a market analyist. So, investing in the market is a bit of a fool's errand if you think you can do it as well as someone who has spent their careers researching and doing that kind of thing. Hence, the reason I trust my money to mutual unds mostly.

  7. if you can afford to lose your pension then by all means invest your entire pension all thoes pensioners that invested there pension and 401ks that invested with bernie madoff all got wipedout they always go after the mom and pops and the pensions because that is were the most money is

  8. Crapto currencies are proof of the greater fool theory. Proven not to be a hedge against inflation, not a hedge to crashing markets, not an actual hard asset, etc. Just another fiat currency backed by nothing. Just another trading vehicle like anything else. There's no controlling authority. If your "wallet" gets hacked or ripped off, how do you get it back? Who do you go to? Sure, you can make money short term by speculation but, as a store of value? Forget about it!

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