WHY The World’s Biggest Investors Warn Against Buying Bitcoin NOW!

Pro Trader Gareth Soloway has a stern warning for all crypto holders and investors in today’s episode, as he reveals the cause of …


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  2. Why does everyone think Gensler is incompetent? What the SEC does is stop people creating free money that's incompatible with universal finance rules. Staked minting IS counterfeiting free money .. that breaks universal finance rules.

  3. Keep warning ❗️ 1% created – 2025 Pandemic, debt ceiling, money printing, Wars, high interest, all kinds of Slavery, high mortgages, people became homeless, HAARP attacks, LGBTQ, depopulation, CBDC, controlling people’s life..

  4. Looks like the ShortAlways folks are gathering that means it is working.
    When the masses are scared, I get greedy. When the masses are greedy, I become scared.

    Looks like fear is peaking when Paul aka got fudded away.

  5. I will not fantasize about Kyle. I will not fantasize about Kyle. I will not fantasize about Kyle. I will not fantasize about Kyle….

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