Why is Crypto Down? Where Do We Go From Here? Cryptocurrency Crash Explained

The Fed is going to pivot soon. There is a lot of reason to believe that this recent dip in crypto is a buying opportunity. Why Does …


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  2. Bill, regulators are the enemies of crypto. They want total control. The only moves they make are to set up the various avenues of that control. Crypto is the full and total vindication of anarcho-capitalism as per the Rothbardian school of Austrian economics proving that all markets regulate themselves; people make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, then cottage industries arise providing hedges and reporting to increase the fidelity of information. There is no need for gov't gestapo regulatory thugs who rig the market for the ruling class.

  3. Bill, please read "Tragedy and Hope 101" and "War is a Racket" by Smedly Butler, the highest decorated marine in history at the time of publication. Patriotism is adherence to principles, not to the state. The state, and the principles encapsulated in the bill of rights have been polar opposites since WWI.

  4. how fast it changes. I am an old techie so I had had my own computer for at least 6 years by 1990. By 1994 Wall Street firms and banking investment firms were begging for Smalltalk people to work with their traders producing GUIs. They even approached me with some huge salary but I didn't want to live and work in Manhattan.
    But why on earth would you be plotting by hand in 2017?

  5. I am confused. Not long ago you were advising selling on up bounces as you were expecting 1929 or worse. Now you don't understand why people are selling around the reason uptick? If people aren't buying cheap Walmart stuff and their stimmies are gone and their credit cards are maxed wouldn't you expect an entire class of retail owners to sell?

  6. I know what your red shirt and your blue shirt mean but what does a camo shirt mean?? Embattled? Come on, Powell didn't create the recession. It has been in the cards for a while longer than rate hikes.

  7. โ€œDon't fight the trend<" is an old saying, and there are other variants of the phrase like "never catch a falling knife." The bottom line is that traders should not try to anticipate trend reversals, or even worse, try to improve their average while losing. It really doesn't matter whether one is trading soy futures, silver, stocks or cryptocurrencies. Markets generally move in cycles, which can last from a few days to a couple of years. In B TC case, it's hard for anyone to justify a bullish case by looking at the chart. It is much more complicated than some would have you believe but from Stacy Huth approach, bear market arenโ€™t worth losing from if you use the ongoing new bie/investor programs. A portfolio I got into the strategy with 4.3B TC was quickly increased to 19.6btc..

  8. Dude, thank you for the additional ta skills you explained as it helps a lot. Second, what's up with the absences lately? Since the July 4th weekend you've been out a lot. You want the thumbs up and you want more subscribers but I noticed the thumbs up went down and has a harder recovery when you're not here as often. At least give a date when you'll be back after vacation bro, now I'm left to bit boy on all those other idiots until you get back as the token metrics AI it's kind of a lagging indicator, so teaching more technical analysis subjects like you did today would help us when you're not here. At least put out a short video saying when you'll be back. Please!

  9. check out the CEIX chart Bill! its the true "hard asset" Appalachian Coal Mining did a clean 10X off the Covid lows and showing incredible relative strength during this inflation sell-off

  10. Crypto is 10 years too early to be used as money
    just try to stop at a gas station, buy a pack of gum, and pay for it in Bitcoin

    In the meantime, 95% of what you see today will be gone in 10 years – nobody knows what will survive.
    I bought 1 ETH coin for the grandkids, and maybe in 20 years it will be worth something – who knows.

    My recommendation to folks thinking of getting into Crypto is to just go to Vegas and have a better time.

  11. Easy Answer & it's time to get really angry. We are being scewed by derivative junk and intentional manipulation to monopolize expiring option trades.
    Imagine this:

    1 whale with thousands of btc to make an options put under 22k and then sell off the BTC to dump it just below 22k.

    With 42% Dominance that drops the whole crypto market, unexpectedly for most sensitive and honest investors (watch the options deadlines) Meanwhile the whale rebuys the shorted BTC, making their put profits, and re-arming for their next option on July29, Aug 5th, Aug 16th, Aug31, Sept 31 et al.

    Don't bother doubting this- just look at the battle over/ under 22K for hours last night. I KNEW IMMEDIATE$LY and as Bill said 'They leaning on it OBVIOUSLY!!"

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