Why I’m Selling all Crypto by End of 2025

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  1. Selling all the crypto doesn't make sense. Just leave 100$ on each promising alt coin and forget about crypto for a few years. When you change your mind 5 years later you will have a nice surprise waiting for you, if you don't want it then donate it to a worthy cause.

  2. If the economy crashes like a lot of people have been saying, a lot of people are going to get out sooner than end of 2024.

    It’s tougher this time because you want to follow past trends but at the same time we’re over due for a recession.

  3. Lol are you guys crazy or stupid? I’m trying to figure it out. Do you think this bull run really gonna be over in 2025? It hasn’t even started yet Most of the most of the gains are going to be in 2025 yes but I believe the bull run will still lag on until 2026 black rock is coming into the space and lots of other big players and you wanna sell April crazy

  4. These past results don't guarantee future performance. Various economic, social, and technological factors can impact cryptocurrency prices, making historical comparisons imperfect predictors.

  5. So you want us to hold our coins until October 2025 so you could sell them before we do. Yeah that makes sense. I don’t think so. I’m selling it before April 2025.

  6. One thing that some people don’t realize: there’s going to be a huge upward spike much earlier than the bona fide bullrun, and you won’t know if there will be another spike later on, so it will be a difficult decision whether to sell on the initial huge spike, and then have everything selloff, or hope that another bullrun spike comes.

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