Why I Will Never Trust or Invest in Crypto Ever Again!

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  1. I'm glad I never got into crypto. My friend tried to explain how he was staking his crypto and getting 30% interest on his and that sounded way way too good to be true. I'm afraid to ask him about it because im sure he lost everything

  2. Overall good analysis. However, you missed a large portion of the corruption on the political side. SBF was having constant meetings with SEC chair Gary Genssler to urge him to create policies that would elbow out any competitors against FTX in the US markets. Not to mention the fact that Caroline Ellison had connections with Gary Genssler through her father. US regulators were complicit in the fall of FTX.

  3. With 10 billion they could of just bought bonds at 5 percent interest and then promised there customers 3 percent on there crap coins pocket 2 percent on 10 billion and still been having orgies. oyah, and then the fees for the exchange yearly and had an extra billion to pay for Viagra. now he's living in his mamas basement playing video games.

  4. where did he get the money fresh out of college to make one million dollars a day? smart guy he was like im not signing up with gemini to trade im building my whole new entire crypto exchange with my genius friends from MIT.. Code code code I should have studied code AHHHHHH

  5. Hate to break the reality you're comfortable living with but it's not crypto that made this mess, it's uncontrollable greed coming from teenagers with connected parents that got hold of billions of dollars and wanted to play Godmode. It's not the technology which is just that technology which we should be addressing but the use and abuse of the technology by humans. On that note crypto is full of scams I agree but there is no comparison of bitcoin and the other experiments when it comes to sound foundations laid out in the code that have matured and will continue to mature overtime.

  6. As for me I ended happy with ftx because I got 10$ from them for free, i didn't know ftx was such big of a company, they where paying 5$ just for user registration and verification, never invested or deposited with them because I saw a ponzi scheme there

  7. Sam is pure crook. Look at his DNA, schooling, background…he knew what he was doing but acted like a geek, a Marvel character like Peter Parker. He must be held fully accountable regardless how he did it with he ragged appearance like his girl friend.

  8. In all your time "investing in crypto" did it NEVER occur to you that cryptocurrency's ONLY value is the willingness of a greater fool to pay more for it than you did?? Why on earth would anyone take your Personal Investing and Trading Ideas seriously? Someone who could not forsee an inevitable cryptocurrency collapse when the government "helicopter money" quit landing in everyone's bank accounts, the global economy cooled and inflation ramped up has NO business giving investing advice. It would probably be good for you to find actual work in an entirely different discipline. You seem like a smart guy. Work hard at something REAL and save your $$. You'll do fine in the long run, trust me. And give up chasing unicorns!

  9. FTX is not crypto its an exchange. I think your are confusing the two. You should hold your crypto on a hardware wallet off an exchange and off the internet. Take this as a lesson. Crypto still offers huge returns unlike any asset class.

  10. Well done. I might be doing something about the SBF story for UK television and this is an engaging and comprehensive breakdown of the story. What happened and possibly why. Good work.

  11. Dein Titel ist ein bisschen irreführend. Aber es ist in Ordnung, weil du das meiste der Geschichte erzählt hast. Wie bei jeder high risk Investition (crypto is high risk) sollte man vorher sein Stuhl kennen, wenn die Musik aufhört zu spielen. Was du erzählt hast, ist ne andere Geschichte von Wirecard oder Enron. man muss vorher wissen wann man aussteigt!

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