“Why I Sold All My Bitcoin” Jordan Peterson On Cryptocurrency

Jordan Peterson explains what he thinks the downfalls of Bitcoin are, he also touches on what would need to happen for Bitcoin …


  1. Success Depends on the action or step you take to achieve it. Show me a man who has no investments and I'll tell you how soon he'll be broke. Investment is to build a safe paradise for the Future.

  2. I think on this subject, he’s similar to chompsky syndrome. Where they get too famous for their expertise in one subject that they start to believe they’re just as knowledgeable in other subjects.

  3. We already have a global digital money system. The government's already control it. Look at what happened to Canadian truckers. Look at what happens to any country that defies US hegemony. Sanctions and being excluded from global monetary system.
    Defi still has the potential to operate outside of government control. And is still evolving.

  4. I believe JP doesn’t understand “decentralized economics”! But, I like the guy! Doesn’t change my belief in self sovereignty!

    I’m just sayin..

  5. It's time to diversify your source of income. Passive income is the best decision anyone can make. I invested in crypto and it's been the best decision ever. What really guarantees financial security is Diversifying your source of wealth.

  6. Mis truthing again by JP. Gov Asset shill. They always use mis truthers. in every form they rely on them all. If JP saying he sold them. BUY Some. He has zero clue on life. Just good at manipulating people a lot liek Joe rogan and more on media who have followers and worshippers TTTK

  7. that leads to the questionis… what is money???
    Of the U.S dollar I've heard many people say that it's supposed to be backed by US gold and argue it's not so the fed is just printing money… out of thin air……
    And they are properly right… But so what??? That's not what money is… at least what I believe it is…
    Money represents the faith you and others have in your government…. and in that the power your Government has across the world… It's why a country like NK money is near worthless…
    In that case Bitcoin it can't even be called money or a currency… and indeed most will classify it as a "speculative asset" with high volatility

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