Why I left Interactive Brokers?

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  1. I recently found out about their free-running rule where You have to wait two business days before you can Sell your positions. Maybe this is an account type thing but If you sell your positions before those two days they will lock those funds from u for 30 days or more. The thing I don't like is that they don't inform you about these things via notifications. I have to contact a representative to find out what was happening. Interactive brokers doesn't seem to be the best for day trading but if you're a long-term investor it might be perfect for you.

  2. None of the platforms are user friendly. Customer Service not trained adequaltely for most issues of sites. Other brokerage sites using much easier to use much more user friendly

  3. well, i dont understand why you thing IBKR is "too complicated"… They are plenty of tools available for the retail trader that you cannot find elsewhere : future terms curve, pair trading, option strategies, multi-leg trade with hedging, a good info system on dividends date, infinite number of columns for your lists (including option greeks).
    Plus basically IBKR is not designed to trade leveraged products such as CFDs, IBKR with a margin, or even better a portfolio margin account, is designed to trade non-leveraged products… using the margin provided by the account. Of course it requires capital to trade "the real stuff" such as CME futures and vanilla options with physical delivery.
    and… i love the TWS, so powerfull, entirely customisable with shortcuts for lightspeed commands. Not to mention the fact that an API is available to remotely control the API, which other broker can deliver these features in Europe ? none.

  4. So what are you using here in Europe? I can't really find much here….. I need to get into options trading but cant find much other than IBKRs

  5. Clearly, I had similar issues, not with Interactive Brokers but with other companies. It is just ridiculous how the industry and regulator limited the accessible trading solutions in Europe and Uk. Those who don't have a large sum of capital never get access to the same solution as others this is a huge unfair disadvantage. The best Provider using cutting-edge technologies with equal access to everyone the Robin Hood and WeBull but both can't accept Uk and Eu, clients.
    It's very hard to get access to a good provider and service if you can't show up with at least million dollar capital.

  6. I will say that they appear to have fixed the application timeout issue on the web app. Now it asks you if you wish to continue, rather than just logging you out automatically.

  7. I completely agree with you. TWS/IBKR is so slow. It's a nightmare to sell over 1000 shares, even if the volume is 10 million. The way TWS starts up is also terribly slow. I can't understand how Lightspeed can start up in 10 seconds, but TWS takes 1 minute. My plan is to drop IBKR as soon as I can. And their Level 2 and Times and Sales are completely out of sync with how other brokers deliver this data and visuals.

  8. Is there no way to police the scammers out of the comments to your video? Being how censored we can be, I don't understand how these scammers still exist. No one comes to watch a video about why someone left interactive brokers so they can ask others where to give someone their money to get rich.

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