Why I don’t trade the forex markets! 🚫


  1. I am trying to avoid making any new buys at this point in other not to get sucked into a bear market trap.It's tough making money in stocks when institutional investors are the driving force behind the selling.. although I read an article of people that grossed profits up to $150k during this crash, what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist?

  2. I've been trading the fx markets for 15 years and I am just now learning by these comments there is a vast amount of people that seem to think it's a hard market to trade 😅 it's exactly the same as any other market. I'm a fx prop trader but have personal accounts for trading stocks and crypto, it's the same concept. It's all about understanding people

  3. It’s just a difference in trade volatility. And services offered by the broker. They both serve their purpose. Stocks is good for position trading or buy and hold trading. Forex is a great place to make quick in and out or same day trades. Most online brokers for stock trading cost fat account fees for making more then a certain amount of same day trades. Most forex brokers do not.. It’s just little things you peep between the 2 varying markets. But they both make people absurdly rich.

  4. For Americans it’s probably a lot safer to trade traditional markets because your still taxed regardless. On forex spread trades in the uk as a day trader you pay nothing really because of the way the laws structured. I absolutely love forex for that reason but it’s so sporadic and unpredictable I can see why it would put people off.

  5. I had recently tried a funded Forex Account. Iv been trading for 6 yrs now. My knowledge is in S&P and NASDAQ. I’m not used to buying lots or whatever. This was weird. But better yet i followed certain tickers religiously. I knew they’re past momentum’s. A whole new realm for me but I didn’t like it. Not for me. I make money everyday on the normal market. It’s just not enough. Last thing, I will always say take advantage of paper trading and treat it like it’s real. Make as many mistakes as possible until you find some kind of strategy. Then put your money in. If you don’t do that then simply you aren’t meant for this market. Keep loosing and posting in the comments that you can’t get the hang of it because you didn’t study. Just Study foo! And take advantage of the free tools available to you.

  6. For me when i trade forex i prefer to compare the chart of the broker with the chart of MetaTrader demo account. There are brokers that have different chart from MetaTrader demo account, i stay away from those brokers.

  7. One such issue is with Volume also. In Forex and Crypto volume indicators are that particular exchange dependent where one is trading like Binance will show different volumes than Okx. Whereas stocks are centrally controlled by their respective exchange.

  8. You don’t need to see it. All that matters is price action. Why would you need to see it especially if your trading is based upon volatility? It’s not like you can individually spot millions of transactions as it’s happening in a matter of under a second. This guy’s take is ass.

  9. Exactly, the lack of REAL accurate volume is why I decided to pivot away I had to move away from it. My strategy depends on volume (specifically relative volume by time) so I just trade futures and options because the volume is accurate and available.

    If your strategy only relies on price action, then you should be able to theoretically trade any market.

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