Which Crypto Exchange Is Safe to Use? (2023 Ratings)

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  1. I just have one question: What is the safest and fastest way to turn my crypto into US dollars to deposit directly into my bank? I don't want to screw up and have the exchange jam up my money and get me wrecked.

  2. With the number of lawsuits Coinbase faces, I'm pretty sure the money people deposit goes straight to their lawyers and the costs of the lawsuits.

  3. Coinbase will undoubtedly go bankrupt soon. They can't keep up with the market's competition and platforms that are superior to them. People should be aware that if Coinbase goes bankrupt, the company reserves the right to use client account crypto holdings to pay debtors. The same is true for FTX.

  4. Let's not forget that Armstrong recently sold his Coinbase shares. And it doesn't appear to be a coincidence, especially given their recent problems and layoffs. Brian Armstrong selling his stock is a major red flag in my opinion.

  5. What concerns me is that Coinbase had $5 billion in cash at the end of the third quarter, down from $7 billion in January. It only has $1.5 billion in net cash after paying off $3.5 billion in debt. So it doesn't have "billions of dollars," and at its current rate of consumption, it will exhaust all cash in 9 months. And that's assuming they don't have any more problems or lawsuits.

  6. Coinbase is a joke. Were they not fined by the Dutch government for bringing shitcoins into the country without first registering them? And, according to what I've heard, they've done it before. It's as if this illegal nonsense is second nature to them. And it appears that they have no plans to stop.

  7. I don't believe Coinbase will last long. They appear to have increased their fee structure to compensate for the lower trading volume. However, this does not appear to be a viable long-term strategy. People will leave the platform sooner or later due to the extremely high fees.

  8. I believe Coinbase will once again suspend withdrawals. Particularly given their recent billion-dollar losses. They are about to experience a severe liquidity crisis. They are a load of crap.

  9. I believe the best thing to do right now is withdraw your money from Coinbase. Especially given the hundreds of lawsuits currently pending against them. It is always preferable to be safe than sorry.

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