Where Is The Crypto Bottom? (Worst Case Scenario)

Where will the #cryptocurrency asset class finally find its bottom? In this video we talk about where we may finally find a bottom in …


  1. Great insight Ben. One thing tho… is it correct to frame a bear market as a bad thing? I think not. It's kinda like calling night bad, or autumn bad.

  2. Question to viewers: Has anyone found an analyst/youtuber for tech stocks/traditional stocks who is as great as Ben Cowen is? Can you please leave the name in replies? I'm 50% BTC/50% stocks but haven't found anyone I trust to say it like it is or is as intelligent as Ben. Ben, I so clearly remember you saying over and over again how the market HAD to cool off when BTC hit 69K. I appreciate it!

  3. That's why I only follow one major rule, in alt coins. What is the coin for? If the answer is "bad" or "to exist" or "others do better", it's an auto no

  4. lots money and copBenycat with bad case projects in the space. This mighty washout is great news for crypto and innovation. great work. Great work Ben, thanks for finessing my vague thoughts on in the market place. great to hear a calm voice in the storm. thanks for shooting out well rounded ideas for me to pursue and to research and learn for myself too.

  5. Good point on the need for true innovation, but remember, innovation in making a blockchain ecosystem user-friendly can also be a win – even if there’s a lot of technical copy-pasta.

  6. DCA in when its low, DCA out when its high. From the top to the most recent bottom, bitcoin crashed about 62%. There were a lot of people buying it at the top because every influencer was calling for 100k+ bitcoin. You have the opportunity to buy at a very steep discount and will continue to. I'm not saying it will necessarily bounce yet, It could be tomorrow, it could be 2 years from now. You still want to start dollar cost average as it continues to drop. The more it drops, the more buying power your fiat will have. If you try and time the bottom, you will most likely never get it. Be patient and slowly DCA in as the price continues to drop. Don't throw in your entire bag and kick yourself when you realize you could have continued to DCA at a lower price.

  7. Hey Ben, been watching your channel for a while now. How about we go back to the risk on bitcoin. You say to really start scaling in when it’s “risk on” but that is arbitrary as well. What isn’t arbitrary is the risk metric you have. We should be adding heavy when it goes below 0.2. Let’s take a look at that next video.

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