Where I’d Invest $10,000 in Crypto Passive Income RIGHT NOW

I have been asked a LOT if I was to invest $10000 into crypto passive income projects, where would i invest the money? In this …


  1. Two quick notes as I post this:

    1) Haha, what a drop! Of course, the day I post a video about investing, the market would drop a lot. But that's crypto! People see panic, I see opportunities.
    2) Given what just happened with Celsius, people might be worried about Voyager. If so, you can always split that amount across voyager and other platforms. I really like Gemini (6.9% APY on GUSD). That said, I think Voyager is very different than Celsius and I'm not worried about it, but YMMV.

    Best of luck out there, it's a wild place!

  2. I want to see the Excel spreadsheet that you track all of your nodes with 😂😂😂 you should actually consider publishing that as a tool. Not going to lie I would pay $25 in KDA for that download lol

  3. For me, I think the 10k is a good investment for private raises already. Majority of it will be invested on PGEN so that I will be able to access different IDOs and WL events, and join the Ambassador Program as well. That would be a great way to earn profit this year, despite all the market problems we are facing today.

  4. Still, the best program for information sharing is the decentralized Utopia p2p ecosystem. It has a lot of features, and you can also mine Crypton private cryptocurrency on favorable terms.

  5. Thanks for mentioning EMP. Been there from day 1 and loving it. ETH will be wayyy higher next bullrun and the EMP team keeps on building. Would love to see you do a full review on us. Lots of things in store for the ecosystem

  6. First time ever watching your videos. Do you have a definition of what degen means? I’ll take a look through the rest of your library. Thanks

  7. I'm in EMP personally. I would consider it more medium risk. It's been very consistent and has been holding up remarkably well in this recent market drop.

  8. If you believe ETH is going nowhere, EMP is definitely a project to look at. Algo coin pegged to ETH with a huge ecosystem of different products to earn great passive income by basically betting on ETH. Team is incredibly nice and professional, community is always positive and helpful to each other. Go take a look at their academy at least to learn more. Not as Degen as you might think 💭

  9. EMP Nodes are like mining ETH without the equipment and electrical cost overhead. 1 GIGA + 1 MEGA Node
    will be just under $2800 and produce about $473/mo making the returns over 200%. I love EMP Money.

  10. EMP is one of the best places to hold your ETH. I’m not sure if y’all loading up on this dip but ya might as well earn even more on the way up staking it.

  11. Hey Andy! Thanks for the recent shout-out about EMP. Would love to tell you more about our community, economics, and how we are actually building an entire ecosystem. Let's jump on an AMA!

  12. Hey Andy! Great video 👏🏻👏🏻 Very informative, thankyou!! Just wanted to give a positive affirmation that EMP has been a great protocol to invest in. I wouldn’t consider it a high risk at all. I’ve been invested for 3.5 months and have been earning very consistently. The leadership team is the best I’ve seen in defi. And as a community we love the daily AMAs. Great great project!!

  13. That EMP might not be as Degen as you think, but it sure is great. Not to mention the Detonator with 365% ROI(still, thanks to hefty liquidity) & the lossless lottery open for anyone, $30-40K to 2 winners each day) If you know, you know. If you don't, it's definitely worth a look and the time to go through the Academy(a free educational course hardly no one ever offers).

  14. Lets Go $Horde 1% a day. Super happy. NFTs that give you even more %. Fantastic community support. Stable token $99-$112. Show me the $Horde. TY Andy

  15. I have a question regarding the mining rigs, if you are mining ETH and at some point it turns to proof of stake can you just mine something else? Can 1 miner mine multiple coins at once?

  16. Thanks for the ideas Andy! I like the utility Flux provides. If they get a large increase in miners moving off ETH, how do you think it will impact Flux?

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