When To Buy Cryptocurrency – 3 Simple Steps (Maximize Profit)

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  2. Hmm I'm really curious about a strong buy when the price breaks the 200MA to the downside.

    For the long term yes but a break to the downside on the 200MA is usually a very bearish signal. Shouldn't we wait until some kinda trend reversal?

  3. This is great, I’m glad I found your videos. If I want to use btc to buy alts, I was curious if this is the same for btc pairs? Thanks for all the helpful info!

  4. Hi Steve, great explanation there! I have not purchased any crypto before and I’m thinking of starting and will definitely go through the 3 checks which you have covered in your video.

    I have 3 questions which I would highly appreciate if you are able to answer:

    1) How often do you check? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

    2) Do you advise diversification of Crypto portfolio? If yes, what’s the maximum types of Crypto I should have in my portfolio? 5? 10?

    3) There are more than 8,000 different type of crypto in the market right now, should I even bother buying those smaller ones when all 3 checks are good?

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