When Crypto Investing Goes Horribly Wrong

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  1. Finova about to give everybody a real chance to position themselves responsibly for when the markets recover. platform has endless education – strong recommend.

  2. While Sphere's devs created an entire ecosystem around Sphere, I cannot help but question how different is it from Curve wars? Oftentimes, the words "bringing curve wars to Polygon" are used, yet the distinctions are not clearly minced for the general investor/outsider to understand. Perhaps you can focus on that in your next video? If there really isn't a difference when compared to Curve wars, then this innovation may not be unique or contribute to the industry. However, if it is something innovative and eye-opening, then it is worth highlighting those points. Thank you, Max.

    TLDR: Sphere has been around for over 3 months and I still have no clue what its vision is, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.

  3. Investing could go terribly wrong at times, but you can’t go wrong with buying, holdin and staking $sol $bnb $atom $matic on StaFi protocol. The cumulative APY is insanely massive

  4. I spent most of this year in MMFinance on Cronos doing the same thing. High APY's. Early on I was pulling in close to $2k a month. It was promising but also crashed. Thankfully, I got out. It's not that any De-Fi system isn't sustainable. It's the inherent problem with crypto investing. 90% (fake statistic, but probably true) only look to make short-term gains. No crypto project can survive when fickle crypto investor only want to jump from token to token taking advantage of pump and dumps. This is why BTC is #1(even at current price) because it is the only one where people are confident enough for it to be a long-term investment.

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  6. Already suggested sphere about a month ago in the comment section finally max reviewed it.. also agree already outdated regarding sphere its already deployed v2.1 being deflationary not a rebase token..i can see this in top 10 crypto someday after this crypto winter..also the leader named Sim is awesome and kind

  7. Drip Community! Give it try Max! 1 percent daily! Yes you have to use a buddy address to get in and I can send you my address. I don’t hold the token to earn rewards but I think you would like the tokenomics

  8. Hey Max, i would like to ask you to make a review on loopswap. I have some money there, i am talking around 4000 usd and it is giving me consistentely, for the last 10 or more weeks, around 20 usd a day.
    I am happy with this but don't really know how this platform works….

  9. Contrary to what some people are saying, I don’t think the content in this video are VERY outdated. As far as I understand the projects still do what they’re supposed to do.

  10. People “feel” informed watching your videos? I just saw this video and consider it FUD cropping bits and pieces. If you want to poke at sphere at least acknowledge something other than minimal points to support your FUD narrative. How about the fastest moving and building team there is? How about improved curve and convex on Polygon gas? How about Quantum Liquidity? Sorry you made a poor entry time. I’m up over 30k in your FUD thrown at project. They just changed their liquidity pairing with an appreciating stable coin USD+. Hopefully people take this deficient research with a Dead Sea grain of salt. I feel bad for your viewers, hopefully you take a real look at sphere. No, I am not on their team. Let’s be more objective and factual.

  11. Oh, and another BIG Improvement on Titano, is SAFUU protocol. Which has everything titano is PLUS a simple, but highly effective ( and profitable ) way to handle the inflationary nature of rebasing – The Firepit ( autoburning percentage ). It might be interesting for an update video for your channel if you feel like it, Max (also for Young APY earning's )

  12. I actually think Sphere might have a chance given that they are no longer rebasing and they've built out quite an interesting ecosystem including penrose and dystopia with the preon stablecoin soon to come. They are also pairing the liquidity with usd+ which I have mixed feelings about. I used my lunch money to build up a pretty big bag so we'll see what happens. New token contract is releasing right now

  13. This video covers Sphere very poorly. Autostaking isn't their main thing and they turned it off already, you're a bit late with the vid.

    Check their official YouTube channel, they've got big plans.

    Maybe a follow up would be nice.

  14. The Titano team are just building and building which I respect. What more can anyone do right now? They're constantly working on things AND actually releasing them. This market is unbelievably tough and I hope they find success again when the tide turns (hopefully).

  15. 100k apy?? Wise up because anyone beleiving in that return is just jumping into a pump and dump…..now is the time to watch and then buy….don't buy anything YET

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