What miners need to know about Bitcoin right now

In this video I go through the current state of Bitcoin mining for 2024, covering everything you need to know about mining Bitcoin …


  1. i buy gpu from aliexpress to re sell them, so putting them mining until buyer come, i also get some refund from aliexpress for some faulty gpu and later fix it myself, so the profit is around 50 to 70% of all hardware i have each month ,i find it difficult to sell +50 gpu per month and its growing fast ,so i guess i cant keep that percentage forever.i dont pay taxes of selling and mining. making money fast is only possible if there is an exploit available .

  2. I am wondering about the miners that become obsolete after the halving. Will they be available for pennies after the halving? If power cost wasn't an issue, it would make sense to buy those, right?

  3. No one seems to be talking about virgin no trans BTC. There more then likely will be a premium attached to BTC coin mined that never moved.. The USA has been confiscating any coin that has moved through certain arenas. Virgin BTC will be most sought-after in 3-7yrs with 7-20% premium since it can not be takin away. I actually broke down BTC to have little bit in several wallets 5-7 yrs ago with no transaction until last month atleast. lol .. Just a thought.. I might be wrong . Have a great day..

  4. i dont like the fact that Coin Mining Central charges the uk way more than the rest of the world its shocking they single out the uk and rip us off so till its one price for all i will never buy from them

  5. I struggled with this exact decision a few months back but ultimately came to the same conclusions you did. I run an aftermarket control board in it as well so I have the option to increase efficiency or overclocking it to increase profits, so yet another Pro! πŸ˜€

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