What is Tokenomics? Understanding Crypto Fundamentals (Supply, Market Cap, Utility)

Tokenomics consists of crucial elements that make a particular cryptocurrency attractive to investors; this term factors in everything …


  1. In terms of token alloction and distribution, if a project has a max supply of 100M,then what percentage of the token should be considered best to ensure the success of that project?also what should be the best distribution rate for such project?

  2. Thanks for this meaningful effort to educate and include everyone in the crypto revolution. I believe the more the masses get involved with crypto the more support the industry can leverage as a winx2 situation. Keeping crypto in bubble for the technically savvy is a great way to see innovation get side tracked or go the way of the do-do or worst the ultimate manipulation by private capital insiders/ Govt

  3. Hey please am an from Ghana. Currently a level 200 student at takoradi Technical University studying mechanical engineering… my mother and father have died… and all the responsibility on me, which making life unbearable for me.. I saw this very interesting. Please can I dm you for more tutorials to help me work and make money online…. thanks..

  4. You added a fully diluted valuation toggle, and coin comparison page. How do people find the Comparison page? Lets not miss the opportunity to show people these things in future videos.

  5. Thanks your videos are much helpful for us. What's your thought about the Alethea AI? It's a game changer project with some unique aspects. Would love to see your thoughts.

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