What is Spot Trading? How can I make money from the crypto spot market?

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  2. Don't know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway Damn good clip 🙌🙌. I also watched those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these stuff. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had cool information about similiar money making things on his vids.

  3. I tried to engage in arbitrage cryptocurrency exchange on the stock exchange. but at one point the rate of the transit coin fell so I lost half of the deposit on this I ended up with arbitration.
    Phemex Binance KuCoin  811271

  4. Oh yes it's the binance exchange where the most tokens are stored. And a little bit about 20% of the capital I deposited in the Phemex derivative exchange for interest, because I heard the exchange was opening a deposit program.
    UID: 891178

  5. Uid= 667114
    I currently use Binance for any of my spot trading since it has higher liquidity and Preferable Tokens of my Interest.
    But I mostly use Phemex for the Perpetual contracts ofcource.

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