What Is Scalping Trading Strategy In Crypto – Bitbns Automatic Trading Bot Training

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  1. Bitbns fip, does it absolute returns? Can we buy all the bns allocated? The 10 % lets say in bns and when converted to other currency , depends on the price that day?

  2. Shivam Sir,, please cover INX Token,, Backed by
    1. Charlie Lee (Litecoin founder)
    2. Ricardo Spagni (Monero)
    3. David wield (Vice chairman NASDAQ)
    4. Nick Thedaney (CEO of Toronto Stock Exchange)
    5. Tom Lewis (Ameritrade)
    Plzz video banao

  3. Problem tab hoti hai jab usdt 77 ka le lo aur usdt 73-75 mai ghum rha ho.I bought usdt At 77 usbhi loss mai huun.. Bit bns bot is a big deal.

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