what is leverage? (Margin Trading Explained) – Cryptocurrency

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  1. would be nice to let us know what happens if he didnt make 10% and actually went down to -30%

    does that mean he owe money because he used an imaginary x10? must be nice to go all in with imaginary $1000 from your $100 and have no consequence

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  3. Can you leverage toward the bearish side and bet that price goes down, kind of like shorting? That would explain to me why so many Twitter people were bearish (trying to drive to the price down for their big bet).

  4. In your bitmex tutorial for beginners video you explain the opposite, where you have 500 dollars and 10x will not be multiplying but dividing to 50 dollars but the contract says you have 500 dollars. Am I missing something or is leveraging on bitmex different from this example? Please be kind if you have answers as I'm still getting into this!

  5. Thanks for the video bro
    Please do u have any tutorial for interpreting charts and the candle sticks on the chart. I am a beginer and i get lost when ever I see the charts

  6. About that liquidation you were not clear enough. If I have 1000$ and I start a short position using 500$ with x5 leverage… do I risk losing my 500$ used for opening this position or do I risk losing all 1000$?

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