What Is Cryptocurrency ? | What is Bitcoin ? | In Telugu

Hi Friends, In this video i fully explained about the cryptocurrency, If you Like the video please Like & Subscribe, and also Share it with your Friends and Family.


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  2. Na doubts emi clear kaledhu
    1. Crypto currency ante virtual currency ani cheparu ante like Paytm g pay la use cheyagalama?

    2. Bitcoin Konamu and ammesamu antaru ante how avi shares lo konattu konala?

    3. avi govt approved kadhu antunaru avi konna tarvatha ha currency ni ban or inkemaina chesthe Mana money poinaytena?

    4. Bitcoin lo invest chesthe grouth baguntadhi and future lo crypto currency using vipareetampga perigutumdi antunaru avi yentha varaku nijam?

    Nenu peddaga chaduvkoledu jst 10th and nadhi konchem moddu mind anduke inni doubts clear chesthara ?

  3. యాప్ గురించి పూర్తిగా తెలియజేయండి మేము ఎలా జాయిన్ కావాలి

  4. Check HARP token
    Movement just now started
    Before investing check in BSCcheck website
    HARP token clear genuine token and audited with having white paper (also its not shit coin) utility token
    Capable of 1000x
    Available at dextool, trust wallet
    Im not an adviser.. Im. One the holder
    Research before investing

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