What is Bitcoin Mining?

For more information: and What is Bitcoin Mining? Have you ever …


  1. You work for 40yrs to have $1m in your retirement, Meanwhile some people are putting just $10k in a meme coin for just few months and now they are multi millionaires. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  2. La avaricia y el miedo son los peores enemigos del éxito, ya que tienden a empujarte a tomar decisiones que nunca te ayudarán a obtener libertad financiera; también pueden impedir que te derriben. Saca el miedo que llevas dentro y comienza a obtener ganancias desde hoy a través de inversiones.

  3. Thanks for this great video. Many people say that now is the best time to invest in cryptocurrency, I have seen YouTube videos on how to invest, but I am still confused.Please

  4. I can't see this or Crypto ever getting mainstream because the concept requires a degree in Economics. Lol 😂 The majority of people will be too cautious to use something like this. An abstract concept that is not tangible and easy to understanding. I believe that this is where Crypto and Bitcion failed. Had the concept been straightforward and easier to use (and understand), then it would have become mainstream.

  5. Why? Why does solving math problems get you money? That makes no sense. Now computers are solving the math problems for you, so you get more money the more you spend on powerful computers. It all seems silly.

  6. Great video! When it comes to financial advice, I'm always willing to watch your videos. I appreciate you for all the time being spent to share this information, imagine investing $10k and I make $24,350 within a week. All thanks to Ms Stella beghe

  7. Great video, trading come with a lot of benefits And I have just bought my first house through it. As a beginner I was scared of loosing my savings but I’m glad I took the bold step that is now favoring me.

  8. So basically you dig a hole and fill it back up, repeatedly.

    I don't see any real work or value being traded here, other than those "complex mathematical equations" which no body seems to know what they are for.

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