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  1. 3 years later and China just bought 1% of the worlds Bitcoin, in other words $4.2 billion at the current BTC rate. Idk if this counts as aging well or not. 😳

  2. Bitcoin is soaring again, as it just neared $18,500—resistance. It can be argued that no other asset has delivered such strong returns in one of the worst financial markets in history. But Bryant Miller encourages everyone to have Bitcoin. The reason is, this asset is an insurance against a dying dollar, what that simply means is you better buy as much as you can now. The train is moving. Dollar is dying. Bitcoin is still affordable for everyone. As dollar crashes what counts is not the price but how many coins of Bitcoin you own. As central banks continue to print money, your money is becoming worth less and less. It’s smart to own gold, silver, and Bitcoin, why? Because these assets are outside of the Federal Reserve Banks’ control and thus safe from their games and deceptions. Bryant Miller can be reached via WhatsApp +12532317125 or Telegram @bryantmillertrade for more crypto related issues

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  4. I won’t stop telling how great your trading technics are Mrs Ellen, your platform has brought me a successful trade profits on Instagram @ellen_fx_manager. On WhatsApp text her +1 (612) 814-0662 🇱🇷🇱🇷

  5. Really good job, explaining this Tim. I have been trading/buying BTC for 1.5 years and you did a great job. Very informative and you broke it down better then I could have. Cheers Tim!

  6. Tim, stop letting the community rhetoric rule over you. It's highly centralized. Stop reciting gospel and look deeper into the story, look at practice, not theory.

    Currently both policy, creation capabilities and pure volume are controlled by a a small number of people. Look in terms of relative numbers: who owns 90% of the volume, who mines more than 99% of current production and who pushes for change of policy.

    The idea is amazing. But so is the idea of capitalism, stock markets and democracy. Don't dismiss corruption for the sake of the idea.

  7. The problem with bit coin is the higher the value, the greater the chance a hacker will want to start hacking the system. High risk for bigger payout.
    If the Government does not like what's going on they themselves can hack and crash the system. Spinning the drives to crash.
    Until they can develop a full prof system it would be to risky. Fool proof would involve no human element. AI.

  8. Make a video about Bitcoin mining and how Bitcoin actually gets its value, and why the solving of math problems instead of something entirely different?

  9. Just in case you're trippin about it- no one cares if you're bald, Tim. You're on the frontier of a new kind of independent journalism that's only been made possible by the internet and free content site like YouTube. You're the real deal and we love the work you do no matter what.

    On a side note is there any cross over between what you and Simon Ostrovsky do? You guys are my fav journalists.

  10. Years ago some website wanted 2 bitcoins to subscribe and I could only buy 15 bitcoins (for $10) at the time. It looked shady as fuck so I didn't buy.


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