What is a Bull Trap and How to Spot it – Cryptocurrency Investing Tips

A bull trap is a false signal indicating that a declining trend in a cryptocurrency, stock or index has …


  1. What do you think of the market now? Since Feb 3,2018 the crypto is on a wild run…We are seeing new high every day. Do you think we are still in a bull trap? Please make a video ASAP! Thank you!

  2. hi tony – thnx for the video I am new crypto and market trader One Year Old – your information is very helpful just want to say thank you God bless you all the best for all

  3. I disagree I think this also applies to long-term holders especially ones that are looking to buy some more crypto why buy now if the market is still going lower and you can get a better price especially if the market is crashing which it appears this market has been crashing

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