What are the best pairs to trade in forex? (sessions & correlation)

In the forex market, we have three major sessions, But have you ever wondered, in these sessions, what currency pairs are going …


  1. Great video, will you consider the pair GBP jpy a good pair to trade during the 3 sessions if not what would you consider a good pair to trade during those 3 sessions, thank

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  3. Nope.. The JPY pairs do not move more at all during Asian session and not 'influenced by yen only' !? Its all about the first pair that is the base currency, hence why it is named first USD/JPY moves most at New York session and GBP/JPY moves most at London session.. You can easily see this when looking at historical volumes, JPY pairs do show movement during Asian session for sure, but not more movement than the base corrency show there movement.. Overall the Asian session also has the least amount of impact on the forex market, and is actually best to be avoided at all.. Also gold moves best when New York session kicks in, not London session?!.. I doubt this 414k subscribed computer voice over info is serving any intelligence here, just my two cents..

  4. oh that nice thanks you a lot for the content
    so if i get it well GBP/JPY is one of the best pair to trade then
    because in pair we can see there is always a one currency active in the 3 majors sessions

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