What Are Bitcoin VECTOR CANDLES? (Lesson 1)

In tonights video we explore the purpose of the vector candles and how we can use them to understand movement in bitcoin.


  1. Thank you so much for this!! I didn't realize what i was missing until your indicator and videos on vecter candles. I feel like i was trading blind before.

  2. BLUE VECTORS?! Please answer me this – How do you get blue vectors? Are you using a tool to get these? Or I am just missing a most basic fundamental point.. ?!

  3. Mad respect, man. I am really practicing everything I've learned. But what indicator are you using that's giving you the vector candles, coz mine is just green and red candles?

  4. Wow 🀩 I definitely found the real class . I am starting to really understand things now bro . Mad respect for you brother . All my notifications are on . I love the way u break things down.

  5. Came from.jordans channel and I'm blown away bro I've noticed this vector candle ideology before I even knew what a vector candle was πŸ˜… the idea behind a vector candle is actually how I view the market….it's exactly as you said if I've got a ton of money and intend to buy something for resale there's now way I'm selling it below what I bought it for….just like there's no way imma fomo in before confirmation of a move and buy at the top of a giant green candle especially when the market looks bearish overall and suddenly the price moves up from a support/resistance level

  6. Thanks for the great content bruv!! I’ve noticed that your Indicator looks a bit different from the standard settings.
    Would be dope if you could go through your Traders Reality Indicator Settings with us, to explain what’s important to keep visible at all times, and what’s ok to deactivate for better oversight… Anyways, mad luv & respect! ✊😎

  7. Hey Tino. Nice vid, alot to take in! Which indicator shows vector candies please? Sorry if you've mentioned it elsewhere but just getting into your channel. cheers

  8. i want to learn everything possible about charts so i know exactly what to do with my money cant wait for the IQ boost dont stop creating your content please

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