Warren Buffett: Why You Should NEVER Invest In Bitcoin (UNBELIEVABLE)

Warren Buffett is the greatest investor of all time. In this video you will hear his opinion on Bitcoin, including the new 2021 …


  1. lol, huge amounts of people have gotten filthy rich from bitcoin. Bitcoin is a threat to the traditional investor market which is why D.C regime vermin like this fool don't want you to invest in it.

  2. Coming from a guy whose good friend is Bill Gates and who (along with his investors) missed Microsoft, Amazon, and Google in their infancies. He may do well in brick and motor investments, but he and his investors sure missed the boat with those 3 behemoth companies. Now, if we're talking manufactured housing companies that scam first time buyers who are inches above the poverty line into signing toxic sales contracts…Warren is "in." He and his shareholders own the largest one of those in the US. So, please Mr. Buffett, spare us your analysis of tomorrow's technology.

  3. Imho, i disagree with Buffet said that Gold same as btcs, unlike btc Gold can be manufactured to become jewelry, A component of Electronic equipment, and other functions while people believe it can store value also because of Gold unique properties as metal itself, and of course it is A very stable assets….
    Meanwhile, Btc and other currencies failed to be A consistent or stable store of value, which is problematic if btc and other hope someday people start to adopting this currencies for everyday means….

  4. His conception of cryptocurrency is wrong. Bitcoin doesn't produce anything same as fiat money. Bitcoin is alternative for fiat foney because you cannot print it whenever you feel like (ask the central bank). Of course he doesn't want bitcoin he has tons of money and it gonna be worthless as it is.

  5. Buy some Bitcoin right now or miss out. Go now friend. Thank me later ! 🍾🥂📈 SPREAD THE WORD!!! Crypto crash going on and soon will be skyrocketing back up this WEEKEND !

  6. Warren Buffet knows nothing about technology. I am always baffled that people think because he has money he must know about everything but he doesn't. Stop listening to people which dont know shit about the industry.

  7. So I use real money to buy fantasy money hoping another fool gives me more money for the fantasy money before the scammers head for the hills and cash out and then start the game again with new fools 🤣 stupid is no excuse for stupidity

  8. Fiat is actually an equal or greater delusion than BTC, and at least BTC is not based on a gigantic legal government Ponzi scheme, the source of Buffet's wealth. Fiat no more arises from economic activity than BTC does, so I don't see his point about rabbits, farms etc. Fiat and BTC are both designed to facilitate trade, the only difference is fiat is government backed. What's the point?

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  10. Bitcoin boosts criminal activity and causes pollution, everybody wants to boost xomputing power, that's just bad alone by itself.

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