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  1. volt inu is pushing forward with a token that has the potential to always rise in value, thanks to the backing of corporate infrastructure, blue chip investors, and cryptocurrency consultants.

  2. Shib and Volt are 2 best devs ever!!! They keep deliveries all the time, not hype. I do believe Volt could reach 100B market cap in next 12 months. Voltoshy and Shytoshi are geniuses!!!

  3. The Market has been pretty bad until today it decided to surge. Everybody was Practically Crying then. It kept dipping. That's what you get when you feel you can navigate the process on your own. Big thank to Larysa Del I'm not bothered with how bad the Market is because my assests are insured due to her advice and I still receive my profits

  4. It’s quiet a mix up in my head when I Read about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as income in investments even in this crazy days in the market,any pointers on how to make substantial progress’s? Will be appreciated…,

  5. There's no point of talking about volt inu reaching 0.01 as they need to work on ways to burn tokens as the existing mechanisms they have will take a decade before reaching close to 0.01.

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