Verified Talks with Gareth Soloway and E.B. Tucker: Investing, Life, Bitcoin, and More!

Welcome to Verified Talks, the newest series on the Verified Investing YouTube channel! Join our Head Market Strategist, Gareth …


  1. Used to have some semblance of respect for EB, but this interview unmasked him perfectly for me. Thanks Gareth for showing where his level is. Now I question if Doug is the same fraud. Like attracts like. Look to a man's friends and see his nature. Gareth the proven liar and con man attracting others of the same kind. Or, perhaps EB did this as a polite gesture, unknowing of the snake he was sitting with. Gandalf was friends with Saruman even when Saruman was turning to evil ways. Good interview guys 😆I love telling the truth. People screwing over their fellow man for their own gain is one of our greatest losses culturally. Sad to see.

  2. Great talk eyes, especially on the parenting. This gentle, parenting, that we have now. No bueno….. People need to step up and be their kid's parent and not their best friend

  3. I watched you both previously with Kitco. So great to see you both together for the first time here. Makes sense since you are both in the Tampa or Clearwater area if I am not mistaken. Hopefully the first of many talks.

  4. All the while Gareth is the guest being interviewed and now we're seeing him interviewed guest, he can really be a great host. Hope to see more great interview like this.

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