Vera Level Marketing Strategies 22 | Pizza hut, Decathlon, Kia, Uber | Master Mind Maddy

For the first time, Master Mind Maddy teaches Marketing and Business Strategy courses in Tamil.


  1. I think Kia did good job because who would be good coustom for small car people who are at midil class and who don't have car is obviously who traveling in bus so I think thay targeted the right audience

  2. Hi good evening bro. One doubt car in bus Kia branding….. Bus la most ah middle class people dhanay travel pannuvanga.. So that a car was budget friendly and middle class people home small Soo parking place comfortable ahh irukum..
    Indha marketing campaign more affordable people ah buy pannnaum nu thought kondu varum… But potential customer don't consider this..? They need a prestigious one…!!? Main Thing They did branding in daily people using bus for travel purpose Soo it might be spread fast.. Crt ahh nu therila but thonutchu sonnay😅

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