VAULD Review: Earn 11% interest || Bitcoin || USDT

Excited about My Exclusive Partnership with Vauld !! One of the top Crypto Lending platforms, Vauld lets you earn the industry’s …


  1. Sir I want to use this app that's why I see ur video ki how to invest n hw much I have to invest n is it safe ??bt no body n no channel is in you tube to clear my doubts by giving roly that's why I am dissapointed other channels bt u don't dissapoint me if u rply my comment 🙏🙏

  2. Hi,

    I was just making my account and i got stuck on KYC.

    Please provide E-pan(pan number only) option for KYC. Verification is done via registered number otp.

  3. Just curious. The current Tether rate is 74.6. Why is Vauld showing 77 for FD. So you losing 4% interest right there, which brings it to bank interest rate.

  4. If you make a an FD out of your crypto, we will not benefit from the rise in the market? Or will this interest rate be in addition to return on the investment ?

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