Vauld: Crypto trading & lending platform in India | Crypto Lending | Chapter 6

Please note that this is NOT a paid promotion of Vauld. Register & open your account on Vauld, start earning interest on your …


  1. how to withdraw money? thats something you didnt shared in your above video. Only you shared how to deposit money in Valud. Interested on withdrawals, how seamless is the process and time required to get money reflect in saving bank account. Please advice or share link or video to see its proof

  2. Hello Anuj,
    Thanks, for covering the topics on Crypto investing. To the point and crisp. Do you have any idea if the government will be taxing these interest income on deposits? It would be really nice if you can make a video on taxing of Cryptos. Thanks!

  3. You have told that insurance cover for coins that are not earning interest are covered in insurance of company and the coin that are in fixed deposit if lost due to hackers attack that is not cover in insurance of company is it

  4. Hi Anuj,
    As always i am following you and seeing your new videos. so i want to know here how to open a FD, Like you get Vauld account then what you have to do, you have told Stable coins, so do we have to purchase those coins and leave it or what? or purchase and make it as FD any option inside?

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