Urgent: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Will Do This Now (Be Ready For It)

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will do this now so be ready for it to protect yourself or make massive gains. ▷ Please LIKE and …


  1. ethereum is trash. I use it regularly for nfts on open sea and it costs way too much. It's not efficient nor practical Artist and gamers will ultimately migrate over to Solana

  2. Hey my man cryptofactor I asked a question on the livestream but worded it incorrectly, my question was what do you think about fantom foundation (ftm) it’s been rocketing recently. I got in at 0.2 cents as a gamble cause you said to get into other layer 1s a while back. Do you rate this project?

  3. You are perfect Fortune teller. I was surprised when you said massive move downwards. But ultimately Bitcoin had made a massive move downwards. Flash Crash. Does thiw crash end here?

  4. I dont know 😕 I am not an expert like you sir but I think its a part of the massive move up ! Its will take time to shine
    In my humble opinion I think its last chance to buy ! Let see what will happened in the next 36 hours !

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