Ultimate SMART MONEY CONCEPTS Tutorial For Beginners (Lux Algo)

Learn how to use the Lux Algo Smart Money Concepts Indicator on TradingView with this comprehensive guide! Smart Money …


  1. Hi thanks for explaining Market structure indicator would like to under stand how you do swing trading with this indicator. Can you make video describing set up rules, parameters, time frame to be selected and . What are entry exit and target rules.

  2. Hey Michael first of all I would like to thank you for the amazing value you just dropped.. 30 minutes ago I was so frustrated with my trading strategy because I couldn't figure out this indicator .. I appreciate you mike

  3. you earned a loyal subscriber man this video was the most helpfull video ive seen in a while im soo glad it poped on my feed looking forward to more videos like these in the future Thanks again man.

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