Ultimate Crypto Guide 2024: How to Make Millions During the Market Crash

Access all the tools I mentioned in the video here: Get the Crypto Grading Tool here: …


  1. Hello Everyone,

    Please be aware that there are many fraudulent individuals on Discord impersonating Brian Jung. They are trying to convince users to use an auto-copy trading strategy that they claim is endorsed by Brian Jung.

    Stay vigilant and stay safe!

  2. I am neither a newbie nor do I have an advanced knowledge of the space(trading since late 20190. However, this video is hands down the most comprehensive, understandable, and helpful information that I have run across. Thank you! Love the faith based approach!

  3. I've been watching this video during three days. It was worth every minute.
    even though i have two years incursing this markets.
    If any one was looking for one ultimate masterclass, Here you have it.
    thanks brian, god bless you

  4. i have been a bit confused about this whole crypto thing for a year now and just one video simplied it which is yours and to think that you are a Christian too is amazing….i hope to meet you some day…this is too much value

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