ULTIMATE BITCOIN BUYING GUIDE-When to BUY, How Much, #DCA #CNY Trading Strategies, Tips & Tricks

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  1. All your videos are great, but I absolutely love your BTC Dollar cost averaging and retire on BTC videos the best! It’s so cool to see how much BTC I need in order to have the median or how much to be in 1% club! Helps me set goals and stay motivated on my own BTC DCA journey!

  2. Sept 2022 here… LOTS of macro swans…. 😀 😀 keep up the good work James. Glad to see my predictions were about as accurate! Your channel rocks.

  3. Thanks James, phenomenal numbers. Can you pls make updated version as of today😊 With your numbers I’ve manager to get into 1% club. Thanks a ton🙏🏻👍🏻

  4. I live in the UK.

    I didn't understand how buying $50 a week for 3 years giving a total of $7800 would mean that much worth of BTC purchased would value at that time $36,218. ???

    Surely i would only have a portion of a full BTC ?

    For example it's Jun 2022 & BTC $29,689.20 5 Jun 13.48 pm

    I know I am misunderstanding so can someone put me right???

    Currently I have £515 of BTC & 1 full Eth I purchased last week at around £1400

    It also states on this video if I buy just $123 worth of BTC that potentially it could be worth in years to come $100,000 ?

  5. Hey man – your content is absolutely amazing! In this market sell off, what's your recommended way of dollar cost averaging into crypto especially if you have a large lump sum of money? I want to invest most of it over the next couple months and still try to make gains if things go parabolic. Just want to be able to take advantage of price action instead of dca-ing over a longer term horizon (e.g., 1.5+ years).

  6. Yeah, I'm going to disagree with idea that DCA is pointless as crypto is parabolic.

    Let's take BTC, which is at ath at 60k. I don't trade BTC. So 68k today is nothing when it's 10x-100x in the future.

    Today, I'm only preserving capital for the next 10 years. Nothing more, nothing less.

  7. you get a lot of views relative to subscribers, thats great; but you should definitely have more subscribers for the thoughtful and transparent analysis you provide.
    I have just subscribed 21 June, and intend to go thriugh your backlog of video content… Thanks

  8. Hi, sir! This is a general question RE crypto DCA: considering the volatilty of crypto, would it be better to DCA on a weekly basis? Or does it make a difference if you do it monthly? I hope to hear your thoughts on this! Great video, btw 😀

  9. how the heck did I miss this video in Feb.? I know how! I stopped watching how it was climbing and considered myself out without knowing that even a small investment would have given me another opportunity to be ahead.

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