Q&A – U.S. President JOE BIDEN and his administration have officially performed a veto of …


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  2. The president giving himself permission to attack a tool that protects his citizens from his own fiscal mismanagement is deeply concerning. By printing more money than the economy's productivity justifies, the government engages in practices that devalue the currency and erode citizens' purchasing power. Digital assets like Bitcoin offer a safeguard against such inflationary practices, providing a decentralized, deflationary alternative.

    Blocking or severely restricting access to these assets undermines financial freedom and protection for the populace. Instead of stifling innovation and personal financial security, efforts should be directed towards fostering a balanced regulatory environment that encourages innovation while safeguarding economic stability and consumer rights.

    It's crucial to recognize the potential overreach in such actions and advocate for policies that respect citizens' rights to protect their wealth and engage with emerging financial technologies.

  3. It's no surprise the Biden administration would veto the crypto Bill. This administration is 100% against Bitcoin and crypto and doing whatever they can to kill crypto in the U.S. and elsewhere.

  4. Frankly I am supprised we got both the bitcoin & Ethereum ETFs under the current administration…. Espically with Elizabeth Warren’s anti-crypto supervillains incharge

  5. I did 4 months in a minimum security state prison. I turned 20 while I was there.
    For someone who has never rlly been incarcerated before it is not easy. I’m sure it being federal will make it smoother.

    What a guy to take the fall

  6. Thanks for the explainer. I think I finally understand SAB 121 and Biden's reasoning for not signing it. It's not that his admin is opposed to the tech and innovation, they just don't want to expose the broader market to this nascent risk asset. Just imagine the Terra Luna meltdown with this law in place. Thankfully the contagion was limited to the crypto space in the last cycle because tradfi had little exposure. Another difficult but wise decision from Biden IMO. Will this doom his reelection chances? No. Very few voters outside the crypto bubble care about this issue.

  7. Great Piece!! I felt the big short in 2007, US govt was bailing out banks, Chrysler and the Auto makers. I remember that clearly. We must endure these adversities, since the good blockchain democracy for all, it is for us, to have a chance to be leave this debt based rat race, we live in.

  8. If you love bitcoin, you will like litecoin, the digital precious metal. The scarcity of litecoin (LTC) is a key feature of its technology. Litecoin the digital silver is the second oldest coin on the market, and since its inception in 2011 it has been never so far compromised or hacked, and like bitcoin, litecoin has a finite supply of 84 million coins, cannot be debased, frozen, or seized, and as a store of value and a true decentralized digital commodity, LTC possesses innovative Mimblewimble (MW) protocol that enhances transactional privacy and scalability, and Proof-of-Work consensus (PoW) as well, unlike e.g. ethereum and other cryptos which became centralised unregistered securities when they transitioned from PoW to PoS.

  9. Im not a political party booster. But it was under this admin that bitcoin etf and eth etf has been approved…
    Trump had 4 yrs and didnt mention once anything about crypto when he was in..
    Both these guys and parties are full of shit..
    Self custody, accumulate, get a passport..these are the steps we need to focus on…the hell with this political nonsense

  10. Terrible that only 1 guy went in prison for 2007 banking crisis. So much lies and manipulation. CZ wasn't perfect but he didn't want to abuse the system. Difference of treatment… and on top Biden vetoing a bipartisan bill! It is too easy for Trump seriously…

  11. 81yr old grandpa vetoes democratic decision about new technology he's too old to understand.

    Leaders have to take decisions about the future of the country, and younger generations will be impacted the most. I don't think grandpas should lead countries unless they are still able to embrace innovation and dream of a better future for the next generations.

  12. This Bill is more Pro Bank than it is pro crypto. BIDEN HAS BEEN PRO CRYPTO LASER EYES since 2021 when he signed his Executive Order 14067 that says Congress must make good crypto regulation that ensures the Innovation of digital assets in America!🇺🇸 That’s why all this is happening right now. Parts of this bill are pro banks that’s why he considered the veto. Satoshi NEVER wanted any banks to have custody of Bitcoin especially paper Bitcoin that they can manipulate the price action any way they want. Biden says banks should have to hold each asset 1:1 which would be even better for us.

    Trump is the bank bro who conspired with them and hedge funds. He spent his 4 yrs trying to destroy Bitcoin. Also he lowered banks fractional reserve from 10% to ZERO%. Now he’s trying to play catch up to stay out of prison.

    Most crypto YouTubers just repeat everything everyone else says. Trust no one. Verify everything.

  13. i dont bla,e CZ for not doing any projects in the us now they sent him to prison . could have fined him and helped him open non profits here to avoid taxes instead of everywhere but here.

  14. It’s clear whatever our thoughts on the bill that Dems will hate crypto until they find a way to make money from it. Once that happens everything needed to do that will pass very quickly.

  15. Do you think the congress will try to override the veto ? Can this kind of veto be overturned? Hell I don't understand why the USA wants crypto to leave their country. They really want all the innovations to be pushed outside their country and the USA be left behind ?

  16. Impressive video. Imagine dedicating 40 years of hard work to secure a million in your retirement, while others already become millionaires in just a few months through crypto investments. May everyone who comes across this message be successful in their endeavors

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