Tutorial How To Setup FREE PIONEX Automated Bitcoin Crypto Trading Grid Bot Passive Income Strategy

Tutorial How To Setup FREE PIONEX Automated Bitcoin Crypto Trading Grid Bot Passive Income Strategy Get FREE Pionex Bots: …


  1. if my calculations are correct- 10000.00 into Arbitrage @ 27 % annual return = 2700.00 for 12 months = 225.00 per month…..but it compounds each month as the balance grows the monthly balance and return goes up as well……compounding month to month= 12 months the balance is 12773.05 / going from 230.00 interest to 280.00 on the 12th month for interest……much much less than the grid bot- which i calculated compounding month to month-10000.00 invested- 84% per year / 12 months = 700.00 per month- but, it is compounding month to month as the balance goes up so does the roi on interest….i got 12 months compounding for a total of 22406.67 at the 84% compounded interest.rate….i figured month to month, on the monthly new balance ……big difference – @ 24 months i got 50k- @ 36 months i got 105 k…..and that is not adding any more capitol to the original 10k balance……..if an extra 1000 was added per month, the return would be much faster……..because at 84% per year , each months interest ROI grows to 1000 at month 6…..month 12 it is 1500…….month 18- its 2353.00 month 24 it is 3537.00………month 30 it is 5300.00………month 36 it is 6400 and the balance is 105,000.00………….with nothing added to the original balance of 10k- compounded balance month to month- becuase the original balance has grown month to monthso it has to be calculated month to month- not year to year- the 84% yearly rate doesn not change…….but it has to be calcualted 84% divided by 12 month………X each months balance, that is how the interest grows to 1k- 2k-3k-4k-5k-6k because it is figured at 50k – 60k-70-k balance and so on…….the balance always changes, if it were a loan- then the monthly interest rate would never change…….but this has to be calculated each month with the new balance, with interest added in……….imagine if 1k per month were added to the balance…….i had to figure this with adding 1000.00 tp the balance per month………the results are- the balance went to107,000.00 on month 26……10 months earlier than with out the extra 1k per month added in……..interesting

  2. Hi, I did setup a grid trading bot in Pionex with CRO/USDT pair with $150 as investment. My understanding was that the bot will buy low and sell high and secure the profits between every buy and sell. However, I don't see it happening. I did setup the bot day before yesterday and yesterday's profit was around $11 USDT. However, the 3rd day's profit has fallen down to 4%. Yesterday's (2nd day's) profit was around 7.33% whereas it is only 2.67% today (3rd day). I am not sure how
    grid trading will make money. I am seeing that it is only displaying floating profits and not securing the profits between every buy and sell. Can you please clarify?

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