Tutorial – Bitsgap SBOT Bitcoin Crypto Trading Grid Bot Profit Loss Change PNL Reporting Explained

Tutorial – Bitsgap SBOT Bitcoin Crypto Trading Grid Bot Profit Loss Change PNL Reporting Explained FREE 14 Day Trial: …


  1. I see that explanation is not realistic for me
    What if i'm trading on 1 BTC and the price of 1 BTC that time is 50k and after a month i made 1.2 BTC but the price of 1 BTC is 40k so my 1.2 BTC is worth 48k at that time
    the change will show -% but in reality I made 1 BTC and the bot make me some profit but just the price of BTC dropped so I won't say that the bot make me lose money because the price of BTC fall and the bot has nothing to do with that
    so I will focus on bot profit.

  2. I gain 200usdt in sum total P&L with 150usd bots profit. Is this the actual profit that I take? Because, I already close my bot but I don't understand my gain how much. Or where can i find my actual profit? I'm using binance spot USDT

  3. The tricky part about this is that with the Trailing Up and Trailing Down features on Bitsgap, the Change % stops reporting and says N/A. From what I can tell, the only way to then figure out your percentage is to pull all of the trades and add them up (as you did in the video). Had this happen recently with a few bots and the market drop. Any recommendations on how to proceed when it goes to N/A?

  4. Great video… my big question is: How to find the best coins / pairs for a bot? I'm going mostly everything with USDT / USDC, just to make it simple. Any suggestions on finding the best tradable coins? Prices, trading range, market cap, etc.? Thanks!

  5. Can you do a deep dive into how you decide on grid spacing? In back testing, larger grid spacing (1%) often shows a larger profit than a smaller grid spacing (.5%). I would have thought the smaller spacing would make more though more transactions, at the very least the same margin. (but I am new at this)

  6. Should you stick with one exchange or spread out and use many exchanges? Are there some you should avoid? I know transaction fees are different for each but are some better or worse for a grid bot? thanks for your info brother.. you're doing great things here..

  7. Guys please be aware the only number that matters is %change. If it is negative you are loosing money. Dont be fooled with profits displayed. On the backtest panel %change is not calculated as well, People think they gonna earn but they have no clue what will happen with their amount of investment. Backtest is to be calculated showing average entry price so they display cooked-up "profits".

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