Turning $100 Into $10,000 Trading Crypto


  1. Hmm, a 40% success rate with a 2.3 risk to reward ratio would mean 0.4*2.3=0.92% so if you bet 100 times, you would end up with 92% of your starting capital. Is my math wrong or are you losing 8% on average?

  2. Are we going to talk about the win rate ? 40% seriously ? So if you input the same amount of money every time you’ll actually loose money in the end, that’s not effective then

  3. Bitcoin doesn't need any action to boost the price. It is a unique coin as well as the mother ship of cryptocurrency which is considered as digital gold, and is used as an asset store for big investors. So as long as the digital world still exists, bitcoin will continue to be king. After losing so much money on stock market I met Franklin Couris who helped me to trade on cryptocurrency after trading on crypto currency and I made up to 15 BTC when I started at 3 BTC every week.

  4. When you put a stop loss in bybit you will be charged a huge fee , just compared yesterday the fee between binance and bybit I found binance is much cheaper

  5. CMC has a BTC checkbox ✅ that allows you to clearly see under/ over value. Can’t be any simpler than that! After a few trades you can even tell where the tops n bottoms are. Simp simple ❤

  6. 40% win rate 😂, listen here… if you aren't winning at least 60% of the time, you are losing money. You'd have better luck with a Martingale betting strategy 😂

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