Turbo Charge Your Trades with Lux Algo Crypto

Is Lux Algo worth it? Trading crypto is one of the hardest things you’ll ever try and figure out. You won’t always win. You just need …


  1. Discords for both suck. Used both MC and LA. MC still wayyyyy better. The only time I lose money with MC is when I ignore what MC is telling me because “human”. LA should have their traders use it in real time, instead of promoting it through YouTubers

  2. Lux Algo is great, but standing 24 loss trades out of 26, hundreds of market analysis, premium strategy and so forth, I will just have to give it up.. It just won't cut it..
    For those of you that have a sense of trading, get the indicator!

  3. Lux algo is fraud .it's a shame Mr Armstrong is advertising this crap .very bad for this channel.i am sure Lux algo pays you well for creating this video . shameful

  4. for that much money does it come with a happy ending. just cause we love crypto doesn't mean we have tons of money. I got into crypto to make money not give it to someone else who claims to sell me some kinda snake oil. a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck I cant afford that

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