Trying a Popular Crypto Scalping Strategy (LIVE TRADING)

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  1. I think the entries were late. The strat is good. One weakness I think, only three indicators used and no variety of indicators. This could leave a trader exposed for lack of info

  2. Great content !! Thanks for sharing such a great strategy and for explaining in simple terms how it works. We need more traders and contributors like you ! I will look at the rest of the content in your channel, it looks fantastic.

  3. If you use a 5 minute timeframe, don't use the 1d timeframe as a reference, the MA in the 5 minute time frame changes very quickly and may hitting your stoploss

  4. But why not add some confluence before entering trade? Like confirmation from Stoch or another momentum based indicator? Maybe this can make the strategy safer for wins. Cheers

  5. Not bashing the other guy, but I had my doubts about this strategy from the start. It HURT me watching you enter moves after they had already gone up! I don't like trading with EMA's/SMA's often for that exact reason…waiting for a crossover commonly gave me late entry points. Good video, thank you.

  6. I traded market maker theory for a long time and my trades became similar to this strategy through simplification, however what this strategy doesn't take into account for is market structure of any kind. Waiting out for a retest of the break on the higher time frame and then waiting for the crossover of the EMAs is essential or you waste money like this following rules that are too simplistic to account for the technicalities of the market.

  7. Wait you were using 10% of your account per trade? I'm not saying it's a bad video but I am gonna be a critic. 10% trade is very risky that means you can only loose 10 trades and your account is gone. Secondly the daily chart should not be used for scalping purposes in my opinion for the overall trend yes its a good indicator but for this I feel like 1 hour, to 30 min to 15 min then 5 mins would be good and hell even going down to the 1 or 3 min chart for sniper entries would be a better idea. I do agree with you it's too big of a % change in the overall market to consider this a scalping video

  8. This is the best trading video i've watched! Not for the being lose on trade or being negative but for the main point of the content which is the reality of trading strategy. Like cmon guys, back testing is easy to execute. Yeah it helps sometimes but with that you already know what's gonna happen. Its predetermined already. No money involve. But to PUT IN INTO REAL ACTUAL TRADE is completely different story and that's what i like about Joel's' content. Not to brag but here is the real deal. This is the type of content that we should be seeing especially for the new traders. Not a clickbait. Just stating the facts. Don't fall for "best trading strategy……." And always trade at your own risk. keep it up sir Joel.

  9. damn u saw the red daily candle and trading on 15 minute chart against the trend this couldn't work so ^^ try it next time on a fresh trend or sell this shit in a short but also on trend not against.

  10. Hello Joel
    I've watched EACH of your videos at least TWICE. I've actually watched some 5 (!!). My conclusion is this: I can trade just by following your videos IN REAL TIME. I know all the standard disclaimers about past successes not being indicators of future success, and anyone involved in crypto trading knows there are no real guarantees. Despite and inspite of all these, I wonder if you could consider offering a service whereby your viewers can actually follow your trades in real time AND whoever chooses to can follow and mimic your trade on their own account and AT THEIR OWN RISK. I imagine and wonder what would have happened if I had been given the opportunity to mimic your trades on the $100 to $80000 challenge. I know I would have learned much faster than just reading and watching because I would be INVOLVED. This offer to mimic should NOT be free even if not expensive so that users can take it SERIOUS. ALL the disclaimers would also be clearly stated so everyone following you knows its at their own risk. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this suggestion. I pray its positive. I bet your subscription rate would quadruple in a month if you started doing this. Thanks for your time.

  11. I am sort of new to the crypto space and I was wondering if day-trading crypto is a viable option to start making profit faster. I find the concept of leverage in crypto fascinating (125x leverage is quite tempting).
    Are there any consistent strategies out there? Can anyone share any consistent startegy with me?

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