Trading With Ascending Triangles To Find Explosive Breakouts (Forex & Stock Trading Strategy)

The ascending triangle is one of the most popular and broadly used price action patterns for forex and stock trading. In this video …


  1. Today, a breakout happened so fast, within 10 seconds, 70 pips! I missed my chance for the trade, waiting for a simple breakout, then a retest, then trade the 70 pip target. Any one knows how to expect such breakout blast from banks? Thanks.

  2. Hello brother you are using pivot points in this video..which one is it..on think or it SVE, Floor Pivots or woodies or carmela one as R1,R2,S1,S2 PP

  3. Hi there , great video very easy to understand , please tell i`am a day trader not in forex , and mostly i use 1min and 5 min , and 1 day chart , but 1 day chart is more to see if the stock has been a runner in the past ,, and 1 and 5 mn and the main chart , now what time frame shoould i use in my case and how reliable on 5 min and 1 min ?

  4. This is amazing stuff.
    Pay close attention at 4:19
    Always look left after the triangle form. Good accuracy. I have a cloud service i use to notify me of bullish triangle, because I'm a bull

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