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  1. Iโ€™ve realized this crypto trading isnโ€™t for everyone, but everyone can benefit from it nonetheless. I kept losing till I came to terms with the fact that I just had to step back and let the professionals do their thing. So, I decided to use daily signals from Simon Morgan and since then, trading has been a lot more profitable for me. I have been able to cover all the debts I incurred from the adverse effects of the pandemic within just a month of using the constant signals from Mr Morgan. Trading is quite fun when youโ€™re winning constantly and that is exactly what trading with Simon Morganโ€™s signals afford you. He can easily be reached on Telegram๐Ÿ’ฌ as [ MorganTec ]

  2. Stick with ETH, SHIBA, DOGE and BTC, RIPPLE as much as you can, just remember where you are going and don't be intimidated by short-term fluctuations and don't make it easy for this dream to turn into a nightmare. Bitcoin has experienced incredible strength in recent days, with the confluence of a strong market structure and an undercurrent of positive developments helping to propel it higher. This strength has led it to $ 60k more, which is proving to be a crucial resistance level for the cryptocurrency. The bulls have been trying to break above this level for weeks, but each break above this level has faced significant selling pressure that slows its rise, with the price of crypto assets picking up the pace and piling up more coins in its rally. purse. . Be your first priority as an investor, the DCA is good but quite expensive, which is why I prefer to trade my assets and accumulate my profits. I am not an expert trader, what I do is copy the trading signals of MARC FITZ, MARC and implement them in my own trades, MARC is an expert trader and his trading signals have a high precision index because I have increased my portfolio by 2 btc to 13 btc in just three months. Investors should carry out their due diligence and find suitable trading guides to assist them in their trades, but in the meantime, MARC can be contacted at Te Ie gram [@MARCFITZ_SIGNALS] for more information or financial advice on investing in cryptocurrencies.

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