Trading The Close with Paul Sampson & Gareth Soloway Fed Decision, #BTC, #Microsoft, #ADP

Join Financial News Anchor Toni Valliere and Special Guests as they break down the day’s trading action and provide insights …


  1. Nope it was a bull trap. You would think markets are overheated and have some rational aspect but nope big tech turns around and blows the doors off. How does that make any sense right now?

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  3. This is such a good video, not just the information but your teaching style, the audio, and editing quality. What is the best way to make more profits in the Crypto market or Stock market😞?

  4. You all are great together. 🥰 The rolling live commentary today was really solid, so exciting and informative. 😊 Really appreciate it Toni Gareth Paul and Dr. B. 🥰I love the live Fed commentary Gareth. Thanks to Mr Fibonacci too 😁

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