Trading The Close: Market Melt Up, AAPL Takes Control, Crypto Action, Trade Setups

Join @GarethSolowayProTrader as they break down the day’s trading action and provide insights into what to watch into the close …


  1. Man, have you seen all those influencers talking about Cyberopolis lately? I decided to check it out, and damn, their site's legit! It's been a while since I've seen a metaverse project this promising. Thinking of throwing some cash into their presale.

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  4. Hey, does anyone know when the Cyberopolis NFT collection is dropping? Just got in on the presale and I'm definitely snagging a couple of those sick NFTs when they're available!

  5. You're probably wondering why I'm shilling Cyberopolis so hard, right? It's simple – this project is gonna make all early investors filthy rich! I'm talking generational wealth here, folks! And the best part? It's still in the freaking presale phase! This is the bargain of a lifetime!

  6. Spent hours digging into the CYBEROPOLIS whitepaper, and wow, I'm blown away. The idea, roadmap – meticulously detailed. I'm usually wary of presales, but after this, I threw a big bag into it. This project's got serious potential!

  7. Solana chain's on fire lately! Jumped into some great projects early, scored big on meme and utility tokens. My gut's screaming metaverse is next, and Cyberopolis is blowing my mind. Shut up and take my money!

  8. If oil goes higher it won't cause inflation, but disinflation or deflation. Consumers are tapped out, higher gas prices come straight out of discretionary income. The administration wants prices as low as possible. Commodity traders are bearish oil due to the possibility a depression on the horizon. Agree that oil may go higher and resolve to the downside, the backdrop is the coming hurricane season. Expect a jump in prices due to hurricanes before getting too bearish.

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